As we grow, change and discover ourselves through different stages of life, our skin changes with us.

Our teenage skin expresses the passion and emotion of our youth while fighting acne and oiliness. The skin of our twenties presents a mature and healthy look while we adapt to stressful environments. The skin of our thirties reflects our experiences and wisdom in life while challenging wrinkles and pigmentation.

Our skin has a journey. A beautiful one.

At 7 Journeys, we cherish this natural journey. Our cosmetics brand accompanies and supports these natural skin changes. We provide the curated nourishment and hydration our skin needs without burdening it, bringing that innate vitality and healthy skin glow. With 7 Journeys, our journey with our skin is bespoke, enjoyable and beautiful.

Just like the journey of life.

What is Antarcticine®?

Our patent ingredient, Antarcticine®, is a glycoprotein obtained through biotechnology from the marine strain Pseudoalteromonas Antarctica NF₃.

It protects the skin from extreme cold environments, promotes skin cohesion & restructuration, and enhances skin regeneration by inducing dermal protein synthesis of type I and IV collagen and elastin.

These properties make Antarcticine® excellent in reducing wrinkles on skin, skin-smoothing and providing enhanced moisturization.

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  • So soft

    “I really love how soft the moisturizer is. It feels feather lite.” – Joeseph A.

  • Love the packaging!

    “Premium quality, as always. I adore the elegant yet simplistic design.” – Coco L.

  • Got rid of my dark circles

    "Applied the Acai Age Freeze Eye Cream regularly for a few weeks and my dark circles have started fading away.” – Ishita D.

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